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Pacio’s Competition

Introduction Pacio competition can be considered in 3 categories: Pacio Blockchain Competition Pacio Services Competition Competition to apps which could be developed using Pacio...
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Incentivised truth – the next round for the semantic web

The Semantic Web is an ideal in which every piece of content comes with a meta description about what it is. But even 25...
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The magic of API: how to connect every business software to Pacio

Pacio is setting out to accomplish an enormous task. We want to connect all (ok, let’s say many) applications to the Pacio ecosphere. In...
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How Pacio’s TARI can help turn losses into profits

Pacio delivers a Semantic blockchain with a focus on management data. A key component is the target average rate index (TARI). Here is a...
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Follow the money! With Single Entry Accounting (SEA) done right.

How a simple accounting principle in combination with the blockchain could solve the global tax-evasion crisis.   Pacio is creating a decentralised semantic data...
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