Data without Boundaries: Pacio harmonises global data

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Pacio will use the Standardised Semantic Information Model (SSIM) to store data
Data is the key to everything in today’s connected world, including power and wealth.

All entities and people, from Australia to Zimbabwe, will need standardised ways to store, access, compare, manage, analyse, exchange, transact, and audit their data.

Yet the reality is far from that, with most data held in isolated incompatible silos, often controlled by others for their benefit rather than for the benefit of the creator. The result is a huge loss of opportunity versus what could be, expensive inefficiencies, loss of control, loss of privacy, and security holes providing a bonanza for criminals.

Pacio will change the reality by delivering the Data without Boundaries future to reduce data redundancy, knowledge gaps, fraud, and expense while increasing opportunities, privacy, and security. Data silos will be replaced by harmonised real time knowledge.

This needs a new standard and an environment where data is standardised and controlled by its owner. Pacio is creating this standard.

The Pacio platform will provide the means for applications, wherever they run, to:

  • Standardise and simplify the storage, exchange, and comparison of data, both inside an entity and globally, via immutable decentralised data in the semantic blockchain
  • Improve security and privacy, with entities and people having full control of their data
  • Reduce the cost of storing, managing, comparing, and processing data
  • Process Crypto and Fiat transactions quickly, at zero cost to end users
  • Include Fiat and Crypto accounting and management as an intrinsic part of the system:
    • Transparent, immutable and incorruptible intra and inter entity accounting to reduce costs and minimise fraud
    • Comparable data across entities and jurisdictions to reduce waste and errors
    • Provide real time business insights to boost bottom-line performance

Pacio has identified that:

  • The need to process standardised data interoperably without boundaries will explode
  • No existing system adequately addresses the need



Pacio will achieve its Data without Boundaries vision via a high performance, scalable, low cost decentralised semantic blockchain based platform that provides a wide range of features and services for applications, wherever they run. Apps powered by Pacio will be ‘accounting’ or ‘management’ feature-rich at every level.

The Pacio platform and ecosystem will incorporate:

  • The Pacio Blockchain built on the Cosmos blockchain open source software. Cosmos is “a network of blockchains whose purpose is to solve long-standing problems in cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. The end goal is to allow many sovereign and easy-to-develop blockchains to scale and interoperate with each other, creating an Internet of Blockchains.”
  • The PIO cryptocurrency as the intrinsic currency of the Pacio Blockchain. The PIO will pay issuance rewards to holders of 25% of newly minted PIOs. (Pacio will support fiat and other crypto currencies too in a blockchain agnostic manner.)
  • A Constitution and Governance Council to provide governance for the benefit of the whole Pacio community
  • The Pacio Database built on the decentralised database BigchainDB (with scalability proposed via Cosmos), Holochains, IPFS for files, IPLD, the data model of the content- addressable web, and The Web Ledger Protocol 1.0, to implement the Pacio Standardised Semantic Information Model (SSIM). The data will be flexibly defined using SSIM Data Objects (SDOs) and SSIM Taxonomies, with what is private or public set by owners, private by default. Entities will be able to use separate private chains or databases if they so choose. It will be possible to store legacy data in its original form.
  • TARI® (Target Average Rate Index), invented and developed by Pacio founders Dr Keith Cleland and Trevor Watters, built on SSIM. TARI® allows feedback to effect business improvement in real time, rather than only by analysis after the event. TARI® has proved to be the most effective and least expensive means of improving productivity and bottom line performance across the business spectrum.
  • An API (Applications Programming Interface) to make the power of Pacio available to applications developers. Any app or dApp (smart contract), wherever it runs, whether blockchain based or not, will be able to use the Pacio API.
  • Utilities for administration,wallet operations, and real time public data capture processes to support the API services.
  • Ecosystem development and support

The Cost

Entities running applications via Pacio will pay for storage and bandwidth at competitive prices. Basic API operations will be free, with more advanced use of the API fee based.

End user pricing will be set by app developers, as for Web sites. In most cases, as for the web, end user pricing is expected to be zero, with the big difference that users will not be subject to the hidden cost of their data being packaged and sold on to others, as Google, Facebook etc do, unless via an app where they choose to sell their data.

The Result

Pacio will simplify development of powerful general, and market specific apps which have full access to all the Pacio features described above. This will enable developers to open new ways of doing business, all with integrated automatic accounting and real time management.

The result will be an explosion of applications and thus of users of Pacio based applications.

In these ways Pacio will achieve its Data without Boundaries vision.

In the process, the PIO will increase in value, and Pacio Core will become profitable and able to keep developing Pacio and the Pacio ecosystem indefinitely.

The founders have pioneered digital accounting and management data practice over four decades and are ideally placed to shape business data in the 21st Century.

The Pacio concepts have been decades in the making. The confluence of third generation blockchains, and ICOs for funding, make them achievable.

In achieving its plans to empower online applications to realise the capability of decentralised blockchain technology to provide safer, more inclusive, fairer, more productive, lower cost systems and new opportunities for society, business, and government, Pacio can both do good in the world, helping to lift ever more people out of poverty, and become a successful venture which generates good and even possibly spectacular returns for its supporters.


(For full details see the Pacio White Paper)

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