Francisca Vaessen – Internationalisation Coordinator

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I am delighted to announce that Francisca has joined Pacio as our Internationalisation Coordinator.

Fransisca is an international person, with European and African heritage, who lives and was educated in Holland, which has long been a country of internationalists. The second formative aspect to Fransisca for her role with Pacio, is her involvement with technology, web design and marketing since her teenage years when she started with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, plus Photoshop for the graphics.

Francisca has acted in a managerial role assisting the CEOs of two European companies, Panormus (Milan), and BioSyntec (Paris). With Panormus, Francisca helped with strategies, acquisitions, websites, branding, and online/mobile marketing campaigns.

As well as her international outlook and knowledge, Fransisca brings the ability to communicate Pacio’s vision in five languages: Dutch, English, Swahili, French and German.

Francisca’s role will involve translating documentation, blogs, and social media posts to the languages she knows personally, and coordinating contractors to handle the other languages which Pacio plans to support: Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

See also her LinkedIn Profile.

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