Pacio Seed Presale Update

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Pacio Semantic Web Seed Presale

On 26 November a person interested in Pacio approached us about buying Seed Presale PIOE tokens even though he had missed the Presale, which closed on 15 November 2017.

After being made fully aware of the current state of play regarding rethinking the project via the Update After the Pacio Seed Presale blog, and direct communication, he confirmed his interest, with some most encouraging comments about Pacio:

Your project is mind blowing. I have been in accounting and management software development for the last 28 years and I can see the potential (and necessity) of reengineering the traditional (obsolete) accounting methods.

The PACIO project totally resonates with me.

As the Presale had not been fully subscribed, we updated the Pacio Seed Presale Contract on the Ethereum blockchain to set the PIOEs per ETH price for the current price of Ether, and provided a private access link.

The now member then completed his purchase and took the Seed Presale fulfilment percentage up to 46.3%.

That is a most pleasing result in terms of taking the Presale closer to fulfilment, but even more so in terms of its vote of confidence in the Pacio project.

We look forward to continuing discussions as the rethinking takes place.

Regarding that, the Concept Paper at the site has been updated to mention that it will be replaced in January 2018 by a new version.

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