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The consultation and rethinking following the Pacio Seed Presale in 2017 has resulted in an ambitious, better defined project. The White Paper and associated papers describing it are available at Pacio Papers.

The Pacio Value Propositions are now clearer, and the Pacio Vision has been refined:

Pacio will empower applications to realise the capability of decentralised technologies to provide safer, more inclusive, fairer, more productive, lower cost systems and new opportunities for society, business and government.

Pacio will do this by supplying a platform that extends decentralised technologies to make them suitable for widespread use by applications, wherever the apps run. Pacio will add broad accounting, management, and semantic data functionalities that are interoperable across entities, jurisdictions, standards, apps, and blockchains, plus a cryptocurrency with a purpose, comprehensive governance capabilities, and an ecosystem of tools and services.

The Pacio platform will simplify development of decentralised apps, whether blockchain based or not, and make it feasible for apps requiring inter entity operation to achieve scale.

Pacio will help set accounting and semantic data standards for the decentralised technology era and become the default choice.

Pacio will deliver the semantic web and provide the most significant advance in accounting and management since the invention of double entry bookkeeping 500 years ago.

Decentralised technology with Pacio will result in an explosion of applications that truly deliver the internet’s promise of knowledge, choices, opportunities, and prosperity for all, safely, inclusively and equitably.

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