Your PIOEs have Doubled!

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If you contributed to the Pacio Seed Presale in late 2017, your PIOEs have just doubled!


Because for our next funds raising rounds, we lowered the final target price for PIOEs from 20c to 10c. This was done as part of making changes to give investors more control, to reduce the funds being raised to just what the project needs with today’s greater knowledge of what that figure is, and to avoid any hint of the 2017 ICO greed syndrome. The new plans are described in section 12.3 of our updated White paper at the site (

This price change means that the 50% off price for the seed presale should have been 5c, not the 10c that was used at the time.

Accordingly every seed presale participant has been issued with more PIOEs at no charge (airdropped) to double their holdings to adjust for the change.

You can confirm your holding via Etherscan as follows:

Go to
which is the Pacio Token contract

Then enter the Ethereum address you used to purchase your PIOEs into the item 9 balanceOf field and click Query

You should then see a number like the following example:
which is
PIOEs when the decimal point is shifted left by 12, the PIOE decimals value. (Item 4).

Note also item 10 on that Etherscan page which shows that the total PIOEs issued for the Seed Presale, up to 2018.05.22, are 2 million (or  2,000,000.001055952243 to be precise) as per the updated White Paper.

If you are interested in the private placement currently in progress (there is an outline in section 12.3 of the White Paper), or know anybody who might be, please contact us. Information will be supplied on an individual basis with one on one discussions to follow for interested people.
Unknown Contributors
4 contributors to the seed presale remain unidentified. If you contributed but did not receive an email about this issue, please contact us to identify yourself.



Pacio is creating a decentralised semantic data application platform and will produce the first Semantic Business Web on the blockchain.

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